21st International Conference on Business Process Management


We will have eleven highly interesting Workshops during BPM 2023!

There is certainly one suitable for your research interests:

Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Business Process Management (NLP4BPM)

The NLP4BPM workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to present, discuss, and evaluate how natural language processing (NLP) can be used to establish new or improve existing methods, techniques, tools, and process-aware systems that support the different phases of the BPM life-cycle. It will include a plenary discussion on how to further advance the research area that will most probably be summarized in the form of a manifesto.

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/nlp4bpm2023

Workshop on Business Process Management and Social Software (BPMS2)

The involvement of human aspects into Business Process Management takes place both on a social and individual level. The goal of the BPMS2 workshop is to explore how social mechanisms integrate with business process management, and how business process management may profit from this integration. Furthermore, the workshop investigates the human aspects introduced into Business Process Management by involving human actors. Examples are algorithmic management, crowdsourcing, process mining, new user interfaces, e.g., augmented reality and voice bots etc. In a panel, the further development of social and human aspects of process management will be discussed.

Website: http://www.bpms2.org/

Workshop on Change, Drift, and Dynamics of Organizational Processes (ProDy)

This workshop will bring together scholars with different perspectives on change, drift, and dynamics of organizational processes. We encourage the submission of regular research papers, position papers, tool reports, and demo papers regardless of specific methodologies and research approaches used. On the workshop day, we will have presentations of papers as well as idea-talks to foster discussion among participants and provide feedback for early-stage papers. Additionally, the workshop will comprise an interactive panel entitled “Looking back on the last 20 years of research on change, drift, and dynamics of organizational processes: What’s coming next?”. We are excited to share that Daniel Beverungen, Jan Recker, and Moe Wynn have agreed to be part of this panel.

Website: https://prody.ai.wu.ac.at/

2nd International Workshop on Data-Driven Business Process Optimization (BPO)

Business process management is a very promising paradigm for optimizing the way in which work is performed in an organization. Decisions that are always implicit in business processes include: assigning resources to the tasks for which they are most suited, deciding on the execution order of tasks to meet customer deadlines, and deciding on the overall design of the process to minimize the overall processing time of customer cases. The aim of the Business Process Optimization workshop is to bring together researchers from both the area of Business Process Management and the area of Operations Research as well as other related areas, with the overall goal of developing techniques for optimizing business processes in an organization based on models that are created from real-world data. The workshop will also host a business process optimization competition, where different algorithms for optimizing a specific business process optimization problem will be compared.

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/bpo2023

7th International Workshop in Artificial Intelligence for Business Process Management (AI4BPM)

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to grow, with new and deeper techniques, and with applications across numerous areas. In the past few years, we have seen strong interest from both industry and academia in applying AI techniques in the area of Business Process Management (BPM). Indeed, the application of AI is impacting additional areas where process management perspectives and techniques are relevant, including industrial engineering, IoT, and emergency response, to name a few. The use of AI in BPM has been discussed as the next disruptive technology that will touch almost all the business process activities being performed by humans. Over time, AI may lead to entirely new paradigms for business processes and operations. The goal of this workshop is to establish a forum for researchers and professionals interested in understanding, envisioning and discussing the challenges and opportunities of moving from current, largely programmatic approaches for BPM, to emerging forms of AI-enabled BPM. This year the workshop will be further enriched with an interesting panel allowing for discussing the most recent challenges across the two fields.

Website: http://ai4bpm.inf.unibz.it/

19th International Workshop on Business Process Intelligence (BPI)

The BPI workshop aims at discussing the current state of ongoing research in the area that spans process mining, process discovery, conformance checking, and many other techniques that are all gaining interest and importance in industry and research. We aim to bring together practitioners and researchers from different communities such as business process management, information systems, business administration, software engineering, artificial intelligence, process mining, and data mining who share an interest in the analysis of business processes and process-aware information systems. Next to the regular sessions, a work-in-progress session will be held which aims at supporting (junior) researchers to foster the dissemination of preliminary research ideas.

Website: https://feb.kuleuven.be/drc/LIRIS/misc/bpiworkshop

7th International Workshop on Business Processes Meet the Internet-of-Things (BP-Meet-IoT)

The arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) has put into play a huge amount of interconnected and embedded computing devices that are revolutionizing the way we manage business processes. While IoT actuators can be used for process task automation, sensors can be used to collect real time data that can create unprecedent opportunities for discovering and exploiting new process insights. The proper combination of these two fields can foster the development of innovative solutions not only in the business domain where the BPM emerged, but also in many different application areas in which the IoT can be applied. A challenge on IoT Process Mining is organized and a relevant topic in IoT Business Processes will be discussed in a brainstorming session.

Website: http://pros.webs.upv.es/sites/bp-meet-iot2023/

11th International Workshop on DEClarative, DECision and Hybrid approaches to processes (DEC2H)

DEC2H invites papers on the application and challenges of decision-, rule-based and hybrid modelling in all phases of the BPM lifecycle: identification, discovery, analysis, redesign, implementation and monitoring. We are interested in work adopting existing formalisms (e.g., DMN, Declare, DCR, CMMN, GSM, eCRG, or DPIL) or establishing novel notations and approaches. Contributions may include completed work (research, case studies and tools) and work-in-progress and position papers. In addition we will also host a round of Killer Debates, where selected members of the community will argue for and against controversial statements in interaction with the audience.

Website: https://dec2h-2023.di.uniroma1.it/

International Workshop on Digital Twins for Business Processes (DT4BP)

The International Workshop on Digital Twins for Business Processes (DT4BP) focuses on the integration of Digital Twins and Business Processes. In Particular, we would like to attract researchers and industry practitioners to discuss the continuous enhancement of Business Processes up to the concept of Digital Process Twin, and present open challenges, state of the art, in-progress research, and practical experiences, including case studies. During the workshop we will have brainstorming sessions which conclusions might be of inspiration for the co-creation of a manifesto regarding the integration of Business Process Management and Digital Twins.

Website: https://pros.unicam.it/dt4bp2023

Object-centric processes from A to Z (OBJECTS)

The topic of object-centric processes has been gaining momentum in the last few years, with many works addressing foundational and practical problems on the interplay of processes and objects. Despite the surging number of results on the topic, many related problems have not yet been addressed. With this workshop, we offer a platform to discuss these problems in depth and share novel ideas on how to address the main challenges in the field and what are the future directions of the object-centricity in Business Process Management and Process Mining. We will also have a panel discussion on main challenges and emerging research
directions in the area of object-centric processes, which will be followed by a brainstorming session on how such challenges should be addressed

Website: https://objects2023.github.io

First International Workshop on Formal Methods for Business Process Management (FM-BPM)

Due to their complexity, contemporary business processes are affected by possible design mistakes that can produce unwanted behaviors, violating the predetermined objectives. Nevertheless, Formal Methods provide a repertoire of both theoretical and practical toolkits to guarantee their correctness. FM-BPM 2023 offers a platform for researchers and practitioners working on the development of new approaches and application of already existing ones in the area of Formal Methods to model and analyze process-aware information systems and improve their quality. During the workshop, we will hold a panel with leading experts in the area to discuss the current state of the art of Formal Methods in BPM and the main challenges that should be addressed in the years to come.

Website: https://fm-bpm2023.github.io/