21st International Conference on Business Process Management

Blockchain Forum

Session 1

Wednesday, September 13 – 14:00 – 15:30

Title Authors
Keynote Look but don’t Touch: On the Impalpable Bond between Blockchain and Process (see below) Claudio Di Ciccio
Towards Object-centric Process Mining for Blockchain Applications Richard Hobeck and Ingo Weber

Session 2

Thursday, September 14 – 16:00 – 17:30

Title Authors
Loose Collaborations on the Blockchain: Survey and Challenges Tom Lichtenstein, Hassan Atwi, Mathias Weske and Cesare Pautasso
Towards an Understanding of Trade-offs Between Blockchain and Alternative Technologies for Inter-Organizational Business Processes Martin Kjäer, Thomas Preindl and Wolfgang Kastner
ChorSSI: a BPMN-Based Execution Framework for Self-Sovereign Identity Systems on Blockchain Tommaso Cippitelli, Alessandro Marcelletti and Andrea Morichetta


Look but don’t Touch: On the Impalpable Bond between Blockchain and Process

Multi-party business processes rely on the collaboration of various players in a decentralised setting. Blockchain technology can facilitate the automation of these processes, even in cases where trust among participants is limited. Transactions are stored in a ledger, a replica of which is retained by every node of the blockchain network. The operations saved thereby are thus publicly accessible, which benefits transparency, reliability, and persistence. Also, the computing power offered by smart contracts caters for rule enforcement, traceability and non-repudiation. However, the outer world’s data, objects and services are not directly accessible from within a blockchain execution environment. These artefacts play a pivotal role in process execution, though. Access to limited information thus hinders the adoption of programmable blockchains as an effective aid to process intelligence. Still, transferring every bit of off-chain information on-chain is impractical and undesirable, as this operation could violate typical confidentiality requirements in enterprise settings. In this talk, we discuss and explore approaches aimed at strengthening the bond between process and blockchain execution environments, balancing between knowledge sharing and secrecy preservation through oracles and cryptographic techniques.

Claudio Di Ciccio is an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science of Sapienza University of Rome. Previously, he was an assistant professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna, Austria). He received a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering in 2013 at Sapienza. He obtained the national habilitations to associate professorship in the Information Systems and Computer Science areas. His research interests include Process Mining, Automated Reasoning, and Blockchain Technologies.
Member of the Steering Committee of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining, Claudio Di Ciccio has been co-chair of the first Blockchain Forum at BPM in 2019, the third Int. Conference on Process Mining in 2021, the twentieth Int. Conference on Business Process Management in 2022, and is general co-chair of the upcoming 5th Int. Conference on Process Mining (ICPM 2023).
For more information, visit http://claudio.diciccio.net/