21st International Conference on Business Process Management


At BPM 2023 the following awards were awarded:

BPM 2023 Best RPA Forum Paper Award
SiDiTeR: Similarity Discovering Techniques for Robotic Process Automation Petr Prucha and Peter Madzik
BPM 2023 Runner-Up Best RPA Forum Paper Award
Migrating from RPA to Backend Automation: An Exploratory Study Andre Strothmann and Matthias Schulte
BPM 2023 Best Blockchain Forum Paper Award
Towards Object-centric Process Mining for Blockchain Applications Richard Hobeck and Ingo Weber
BPM 2023 Best Paper Award of the Demonstrations and Resources Forum
BPMN Inspector: A Tool for Extracting Features from BPMN Models Ivan Compagnucci, Flavio Corradini, Fabrizio Fornari, and Barbara Re
BPM 2023 Best Reviewer Award
Niels Martin
BPM 2023 Best Dissertation Award
Generating Executable Robotic Process Automation Scripts from Unsegmented User Interface Logs Simone Agostinelli
BPM 2023 Runner-Up Best Dissertation Award
Workarounds: The Path from Detection to Improvement Iris Beerepoot
BPM 2023 Best Student Paper Award
On the Cognitive Effects of Abstraction and Fragmentation in Modularized Process Models Clemens Schreiber, Amine Abbad-Andaloussi, and Barbara Weber
BPM 2023 Runner-Up Best Student Paper Award
Action-Evolution Petri Nets: a Framework for Modeling and Solving Dynamic Task Assignment Problems Riccardo Lo Bianco, Remco Dijkman, Wim Nuijten, and Willem Van Jaarsveld
BPM 2023 Best Paper Award
POWL: Partially Ordered Workflow Language Humam Kourani and Sebastiaan van Zelst
BPM Test-of-Time Award
A General Framework for Correlating Business Process Characteristics Massimiliano de Leoni, Wil M. P. van der Aalst, and Marcus Dees
BPM Runner-Up Test-of-Time Award
Modeling and Enacting Complex Data Dependencies in Business Processes Andreas Meyer, Luise Pufahl, Dirk Fahland, and Mathias Weske