21st International Conference on Business Process Management

Junior Researchers Mentoring Session

Interested in a sparkling and inspiring talk about your research with an experienced professor in the BPM community? Join us in the Mentoring meeting on Wednesday, 13 September, with Jan MendlingHajo ReijersAdela del Río, and Michael Rosemann!

The Mentoring meeting will be parallel to lunchtime in room CLUB NINE. There will be enough time to switch between lunch and mentoring, or you can bring food to the mentoring.

Possible topics, extendable by any topics of your choice, are:
How to set research direction or priorities?
How to establish international or industry collaborations?
How to approach senior academics for feedback?
How to find a good work-life balance between private life and a career?

Enter your interest at https://survey.uu.nl/jfe/form/SV_a9SpeCteXwk9jWS.